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Time of Waking (November 18th evening)

(ooc: fanfic style.  Welcome to Jonouchi's soul room.)

Jonouchi blinked in confusion. Had he been asleep?

His brows pinched in confusion as he tried to remember what he had been doing before this. 


It was all a blank.

He looked around.  He was certain he had never seen this place before.  But it felt so familiar.

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Jonouchi woke up to a blinding light shining in his eyes.  He tried to shield them with his hand but couldn't move them.  Confusion hit him as he realized this was NOT his apartment and certainly not his futon.  And he was naked! 'What the hell?!!' His eyes shot open as panic flooded him. He struggled desperately against his restraints.  The pain from the metal biting into his skin not registering over his desire to get free. 'WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!  WHERE AM I?!'

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(ooc: Please forgive the length of this entry.  It covers a lot of stuff fanfic style.  ^_^;; It's essentially a 3 parter with the second part being a flashback)

It was late when he got back to his apartment. He was still sore from his injuries but it didn’t bother him overmuch.  He got his key out and was about to reach for the door when he paused suddenly.  The door was already cracked open.  He whipped around and searched the shadows by the door.  ‘Something’s not right here…’

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Just a little recon (November 7)

So, we found some interesting stuff from the files Siegfried decoded.  Nice long list of Brownstone employees and profiles.  The big thing that stuck out was how many of them didn't have families.  Have to wonder if that's just a coincidence or if that's part of the criteria for being an employee.  I also noticed that they were all really attractive.  No average, run of the mill people or people that make you wince.  That can't be a coincidence.  I'm sure you don't find that many good looking people in one company unless you're in Hollywood.

There were also a lot of financial records.  I wouldn't be able to say the first thing about what any of that means.  But we all agreed it was weird that  Combs has been putting money in her old Japanese Headquarters when it's been abandoned for the past 15 years.  I've seen that building many times.  Hell, I've SQUATTED there many times! It's a complete dump!

But if she's still investing money then there might be something there worth checking out.  I know Yami told us to sit tight while he was gone, but honestly me and Varon are getting antsy....well especially Varon...I at least still have school.  If we weren't injured we'd probably occupy ourselves with some sparring but no good making our injuries worse when we're probably gonna fight people who's gonna try to kill us. 

So we decided to do a little recon after school.  Nothing much just have a look around and see if we can find anything interesting.   Not like we have to worry about bodyguards or security.  Probably just have to watch out for loose floorboards or something.  Anyways, it'll be me,  Yugi, and Anzu.  Probably just take a couple hours to look around before going home.  I hope we find something interesting though.

Ball Recap: Jou's POV

Wow....to say last night was eventful is an understatement! I was expecting some action but not even close to what we actually saw. It was dangerous and I almost got shot! XD But it was quite the rush! I think I'll start at the beginning.

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(Action post for Jonouchi, Yami, and Varon. Closed to anyone who doesn't already know about Yami)

Yami's back! It's still a lot to get my head around. First Birdman turns out to be Yami, then it turns out that he's an alien who was given a mission by these "higher beings" to destroy Brownstone and it's technology!

I know it'll take awhile to get the whole story but i definitely want to know more. And Yami is gonna have to get used to having a bigger group taking Combs out. Because we're definitely not backing out now.

It's nice having roomates again. Good thing I have an extra futon for Yami to use.

I'm a little worried about how Yami reacted to the mention of Siegfried. I'm not sure what's going in there, but something definitely has Yami's back up. I hope it's not too serious.

We're planning on having a party to celebrate Yami's return. That should be a lot of fun. I know Yami is hesitant to meet Seiko-chan, but I hope agrees to it soon. I want to introduce my girlfriend to all my friends. And right now that leaves Amelda, Yami, and Varon who still haven't met her. I just have to make sure they get a chance.

I was already on board to go through with this mission of taking our Brownstone. But now I'm even more pumped up. Just having Yami back and knowing that this thing is bigger than what we thought is enough to make feel even more determined. Funny. You'd think this would be the part where smart people would step aside because it was too big. Well no one ever accused me of being the brains of this outfit...

Faces on the Billboard

Finally! It took a while but we finally finished shooting the commercial! I guess we finally got it as "Dramatic, Romantic, and Fantastic!" as the director wanted. LOL It was an interesting experience. And as fun as it was to be in the limelight and get stalked on the way home, I admit to be glad for the down time. It didn't help that they added a photo-shoot to the schedule for posters and stuff. I wonder if it's going to feel weird to walk down the street and see mine and Yugi's faces in the window of a store.

Seiko-chan has been really supportive. She's just as excited as I am about the commercial. She made me promise to tell her when it's going to air so she can record it. ^__^

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Cultural Festival (9/17)

It's time for the cultural festival! It will be on the 28th so we got a couple weeks to prepare. I'm almost sad. This is the last High School Cultural Festival we'll ever experience.

I think we picked a good theme this year. ^__^ We're doing a Cosplay Cafe but with a Duel Monster twist. It's called "Duel Monster Cafe"! Hell yeah! Credit goes to me and Yugi and our genius brains! ^____^ I hope one of the girls dresses up like Dark Magician Girl. I'm going to got as Flame Swordsman. I have experience with that. LOL XD

Anzu got nominated to be on the committee again this year. I'm surprised she accepted. I know she's been having a hard time since her scare, and she's really busy with dance and applications. I guess that's just her though. Good old, Anzu. Maybe she could use the distraction.

Me and Yugi got nominated too. ^__^;; I turned it down. I have 2 jobs! I can help out but there's no way I could organize that! But man this is gonna be fun! I'm sure Yugi and Anzu will do a great job. And I'm sure they'll appreciate the extra excuse to spend time together. *wink wink*

Oh yeah. Congratulations on your third time being nominated for Miss Domino High, Anzu. ^____^ Though I feel awkward now since Seiko-chan was nominated too. ^__^;;;;; Uhh...Good Luck to you both? hehehehe....
It's here! I've been waiting all week for this day!  I worked up the nerve to ask Seiko-chan out on a double date. She got all red and played with her fingers before she smiled at me and said yes! ^____^  We'll be going to Domino Waterpark with Yugi and Anzu.  Wow, its been almost a year since I went there last. 

I think the park is a good idea.  It's public so there won't be as much pressure on me and Seiko-chan.  Plus! ....I'll get to see her in her bathing suit.  heehee  The only thing I 'll have to be careful about is my eating habits I think.  I'm gonna try to chew my food completely before taking another bite.  ^__^;;   I'm hoping my luck will turn out and I can win a prize for her.  That would so make my day.  Here's hoping.

In the meantime, I'm trying not to worry about Varon.  It's been almost a month since he posted his last entry...saying that he's going silent to protect his contacts.  Me and him are like danger magnets, so that doesn't sit well with me.  All I can do is hope he'll update soon.  If you see this Varon, remember you got friends who are thinking about you over here.

Ok, wish me luck! I'm heading out to meet Yugi, Anzu, and Seiko-chan.  ^__^

(ooc: I purposely dated this to be before Varon's Egypt entry and the mission in South Africa. )
Now that Summer Break has started I feel like I can take a breather.  I'm picking up more hours at my part-time jobs.  I don't know if I've told anyone else besides Honda but I'm saving up to buy a bike.  I guess I don't technically need it since Japan's transit is so reliable but I think I'd like something to get around without having to rely on somebody else.

I'm just glad that my grades were high enough that I don't have to take extra classes during the summer.  I know the teachers recommended we take them anyways, but I can't see myself trying to get into a university anyways.  I think my time will be best spent working.

In other news... ^__^ I've been spending a lot more time with the new transfer student, Igarashi Seiko.  She is super cute!  I literally bumped into her during the PE evaluations.  We seemed to really connect when I took her to the infirmary.  She's been stopping by my locker and stopping by the convenience store where I work to talk to me.  I think she might actually be interested in me.  I'm tempted to ask her out but part of me is worried that its wishful thinking, and I really don't want a repeat of what Anzu and Yugi went through.  Of course I don't have parents to complain to, but Seiko has her family.  I'm sure her parents are probably very protective of such a cute daughter.

Oh well, summer has just begun.  I guess we'll see where this goes.