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Heart of the Underdog

Can't Take Me

Jonouchi Katsuya
25 January 1984

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[Bad username: Joey Wheeler]
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Jounouchi Katsuya is a Japanese male, dark blonde hair, (186 cm (appx. 6'1"), hazel eyes, a cross between a lovable goof ball and a hot tough guy. Is fiercely loyal to his loved ones and very brave as well as being brash and a smart ass. Lives with his alcoholic father in a rundown apartment. His parents divorced when he was 10 and his mother left with his younger sister Shizuka. He used to be in a gang in middle school and got into fights all the time until he became friends with Yugi/Yami, Honda,and Anzu. Since then he has devoted himself to becoming a better person and helping Yugi and Yami with various battles to save the world. Joey never gives up a fight until the very end! He will do anything to save his friends and family.
Strengths: Brave, Loyal, Determined, Honest, Resilient, Versatile, works well with others, Protective
Weaknesses: Moments of insecurity, brash, reckless, little respect for authority, hesitant to talk to his friends about bad experiences because he doesn't want to worry them, not the brightest crayon in the box
Special Skills: Abnormally good luck, superb street fighting skills(strength, agility, improvised weapons), endurance, Duel Monsters, building things
Weapons: Fists, Kicks, moments of ingenuity, Duel Monster deck, friends
Favorite Card: Flame Swordsman, Red Eyes Black Dragon

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